Tired and Broken

“I’m tired! I’m not ok. I’m broken!” These are just some of the words spoken recently by a nationally known pastor this week. I’m sure that many of you can relate. I know that I’ve felt this way in my life when the stress of ministry seemed too much. It seemed overwhelming. It seemed as though the calling that God had placed on my life was in many ways more of a burden than a blessing. Let’s face it being a pastor is hard, and dealing with the problems that pastors face on a daily basis doesn’t get easier. We often get the question “why a special step study for pastors?”. What makes pastors so special that they deserve the their own step studies devoted to those who are in ministry, and closed to the congregation. In response to his announcement of retirement I heard another pastor recently say this “ I can tell you from over four decades in the ministry that the role of the pastor is unique. Supernatural evil takes particular joy in attacking pastors. If pastors fall, their churches are devastated and the world sneers. They often face special temptations because they are who they are, doing what they do. Because ministers do much of their work within the framework of the church, they are overexposed to problems, disappointments, and criticism.” Most pastors know that they are inadequate, incapable of accomplishing what many expect of them in the church, so Celebrate Pastors Recovery provides a safe place where pastors can reveal their hurts, habits and hang ups. Yes your pastor no matter how well known or influential has all three. Celebrate Pastors Recovery allows those who lead our churches the same opportunity to set aside their masks, and get real with God and with other pastors. CPR provides a place of healing, accountability and comradery that is missing for most pastors. God’s plan for all of us including pastors is that we do life together, not on our own in isolation. If you’d like more information about CPR groups and how to form one, email hess If you know of another leader in ministry who would benefit from a safe place to experience the grace and truth of Jesus Christ in the context of authentic community, please pass this site along to them. It might just be the ministry life line they need.


Jesse W. Graver

Associate Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Southern Hills Baptist Church, Tulsa OK

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