A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I had the opportunity to meet Duck Commander, Phil and wife, Kay Robertson, as well as renew acquaintance with their oldest son and newest cast member, Alan and his wife, Lisa. They are good folk, down-to-earth, and seem genuinely humbled not only by their popularity but by the platform it has provided to share Christ. I confess, when I met Alan and Lisa in another context almost 3 years ago I had no idea what Duck Dynasty was. And, when someone else at the table asked him a question about it, I didn’t have to play dumb, I was dumb! I’d never heard of it at that point and even after that conversation still had no idea of the “dynasty” proportion it was even than and certainly is now.

It’s always a blessing to see someone like that using God’s unexpected blessing in their lives to share His Good News.

I left the home yesterday afternoon of one of a member of our congregation named Roger. Roger had died the night before after battling with cancer for 31months. Cancer had to be surprised by the fight he put up because he lasted 20-27 months longer than the doctors had predicted. Roger is one for whom life had reached bottom back in the oil bust of the early ‘80’s and was surprised by God’s unexpected blessing in his life when a former employee of his shared Christ with him at his lowest point. Roger made the decision to follow Jesus as His Savior on that day and never looked back. He went on from there to use his platform as a successful insurance salesman to impact hundreds of lives for Christ. People walked into his office to talk about insurance and hundreds walked out as changed people!

I’m convinced that God has given every one of us a platform of some kind for sharing Christ. Whether you are a reality TV star, a successful insurance salesman, or a checker at WalMart, you have a platform.

How does God want to use your life to make an impact upon others for Christ?

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