Did you make New Year Resolutions for 2013? According to a study based on those who made resolutions at the beginning of last year, a word of congratulations is in order for you! Because, by just making some resolutions you are already ahead of the 55% of Americans who did not make any at all. And, by writing them down, you are ten times more likely to reach your goals. Also, if you were able to keep them beyond the first week, then you have already done better than the 25% who failed to do so. If my math is almost correct, then that makes you part of an elite group of only 36% of Americans who made and kept their New Year resolutions for more than a week. And, the longer you keep them, the more elite you become!

But, have you told anyone what they are? I actually read some research the other day that said you have a better chance of achieving your resolutions if you do not tell anyone! Apparently, when you tell them to someone, you receive just enough sense of gratification from doing so that a little bit of edge is taken off your motivation to actually carry them out. Sounds somewhat reasonable- maybe. Yet, by telling someone what they are it would seem you also significantly raise the bar of accountability- surely more than enough to make up for what you would lose. Then again, I’m certainly no expert.

However, I CAN tell you one thing for certain- the accountability for change that I have found by participating in CPR groups has been a powerful encouragement for me. So much so, that I do not consider it an option in my life. So, let me encourage you. Join or start a CPR group in your area this year. If any of your resolutions has to do with making a change of any kind in your life, I assure you that life change happens best for pastors in a CPR group!

I want to re-post a link to a vimeo that will encourage you. CPR was not around when this pastor needed it the most, but… well, just watch it! Here it is…


  1. I shared some in my registration earlier. I am about to begin leading my second CPR group in the Greenville, SC area. Are there plans to make pastors aware of groups via your website?

  2. Greeting Hess! Thank for you article on CPR. At noon Tuesday, Feb 5 I will be sharing with about 70 SBC pastors here in San Diego on the topic of discipleship. My wife and two lay people from my church will sharing testimonies on the subject. My part will focus on CR and the 12 steps and how they are discipleship as well. We incorperate a chapter of scripture each week of step study on the specific of study. Each day they find “my verse” and write what they can take away. 1 Peter 4:17 “For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us…” will be my challenge for my pastor friends to consider being “one of them” and maybe lead in starting a CPR chapters here in San Diego. Pray for us.

    Say Hello to your beautiful wife and Norma, and while you’re at it say Hi to Carolyn and Larry.

    God Bless,
    Steve Lewis

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