Ministerial Meltdown

A friend called my attention this week to a good article from Leadership Journal entitled, “Ministry Meltdown,”by a pastor named, Bob Merritt. Pastor Merritt describes his downward spiral into burnout as a result of being overextended beyond his capacity. He then goes on to explain his rescue by a member of his church board who introduced him to a life coach. God worked through the life coach to change his life and ministry. That’s an extraordinarily valuable process. In fact, it’s life-changing for those, as Merritt states, who have enough humility to receive the coaching and act upon the counsel given. However, as my friend pointed out, how many pastors can afford a life coach to lead you back to health and sanity?

That’s where CPR can come to the rescue instead! Or, I should say, the Holy Spirit at work in and through a CPR group experience. Try CPR- the price is right- it’s FREE!

Here’s a link to the article. It’s worth the time to read. And, again, remember, there’s another option for help!

One response to “Ministerial Meltdown

  1. Thanks for the link to that article! I have a friend who might benefit from the CPR group experience. I can’t believe it’s free.

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