Thanksgiving is this week. Let me pause right here and give thanks to the many of you who have responded to the previous posting by completing the survey here on our site and also taking the time to make your own comments. Your response has served to reinforce the enormity of the need for CPR.
Ive had many conversations in the past three weeks via email and phone with pastors in many places around the US and around the world. Ive communicated with pastors from upstate NY, New Jersey, Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Colorado, Arizona, California and more. Ive exchanged emails with pastors in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, France, England, and Canada.
Here is what I have learned that pastors from all around the world have in common: they ALL need a safe place to share their hurts, habits, and hang-ups! They need it and they yearn for it and many are desperate for it. They need a safe place to share common struggles without fear of condemnation. They need a group of fellow-strugglers who can walk with them on a journey toward healing. They need support that fellow pastors can provide. I have also continued to learn that it is not only the pastor who needs it, but the pastors spouse. Many spouses carry even greater burdens as well as a sense of alienation and loneliness.
If you are reading this, will you continue to pass the word that CPR is a means of help. Its not the only means, but its one of the best. Encourage your network of fellow ministers to complete the survey you find at this site- its simple and only takes about a minute.
I am thankful for YOU!

3 responses to “WHAT I’VE LEARNED

  1. Pastor Hester, is there an Open Share Group for Pastor’s wives that is associated with CPR?

    Deborah O’Brien
    Southern Virginia State Rep.

  2. Hi, Deborah- thanks so much for your work with CR in southern VA! With regard to your question- are you asking if we have an open share group for Pastor’s wives here at our CR? The answer to that is, not yet. We do have one for pastors at our CR on Friday nights but not one for spouses at this point. If you are asking if we have a CPR group for Pastor’s wives, the answer is yes- at least here in Tulsa we do. How can I be of help?

  3. Hess, sorry I did not get back to you sooner, a lot going on,So much actually. Anyway several questions and I am ignorant as to how exactly CPR operates.
    Do you have a full CR specifically just for Pastors with all 3 doors or do you all integrate an Open share group and a step study specifically for Pastors or is it both depending upon location?

    We had been praying about starting CPR on one knee and yet it looks like we are being directed to start a CR for Cops! One of our Participants works for the Sheriffs Department and based upon the changes God has made in his life over the last year through CR he has been asked by the local Sheriff to become their chaplain. He wants to start a CR for COPS and because of their job and the sensitivity of the cases etc we were thinking that we should pattern it after CPR. So any help or advice you can give us would be appreciated. Have you heard of anyone else in the CR world doing this? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Debbie O’Brien

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