Every now and then I will meet a pastor who it seems has lived an unusually “blessed” life; someone who’s had few days haunted by discouragement and hasn’t a clue as to what depression looks or feels like. In fact, they’ve been so free of such they are convinced that discouragement and depression are exclusively spiritual problems that are simply solved through deeper Bible study and more time spent in meditation and prayer. It’s not as though they’ve never encountered any challenges during their ministry, but the nature of what they have faced has never approached a level of devastation in any regard. For lack of a better term you might say they have lived a “charmed ministry.”

But, from what I’ve observed in the past 30 years, such “charmed ministries” are much the exception. For most pastors, discouragement happens. Depression happens. Anger happens. IT happens. And when IT happens for very long, a pastor can end up just barely hanging on while functioning at a deeply diminished capacity for service.

CPR is not the only help for those who have or are going through IT, but it is something that can be a powerful help. I recently received a call from a young pastor in a neighboring state who said, “If I don’t find a group like this (CPR) I know I will not survive in ministry.” We want to help any way we can. Let us know how we can help YOU.

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