The Need

I sat down to lunch recently with a fellow pastor who had left an idyllic setting to come hundreds of miles to take on a church full-time. In essence, he left heaven and, unfortunately, entered hell- “pastor hell” in a dysfunctional mess that has, for the most part, left him as the brunt. He admitted that every decision he has made and every action he has taken and every word he has spoken has not been perfect, but whose ever is? He has been and is in a world of hurt. He is also wonderfully blessed with a spouse who loves God, loves him, and loves people and is truly a partner in ministry. That’s the upside. The downside is, because of that very upside, she is hurting even worse.

Does that sound familiar at all? Do you have any friends with like experiences? Similar scenarios are repeated by the hundreds, if not thousands. The need is overwhelming.

CPR is not a panacea for every hurting pastor out there, but it is one effective way to provide support and encouragement and recovery from all the hurts, habits, and hang-ups that result from that kind of pain.

Spread the word and register your interest in a group here. There are so many, like my friend, who are ready to step into a CPR group if they just knew it was possible.

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