I’d Like to Know More …

We’re working hard to connect people with CPR – Celebrating Pastors in Recovery – safely and securely. If you’d like more information, we ask that you complete a short, simple, and secure form so we may share more information with you about groups forming in your area. We’re using a reliable partner, Poll Daddy, to help us collect and sort contact information from people who’d like to know more about CPR Pastors. We promise to continue to strive to make this a safe place for pastors.

If you know of another leader in ministry who would benefit from a safe place to experience the grace and truth of Jesus Christ in the context of authentic community, please pass this site along to them. You might just be tossing a lifeline their way.

To safely request more information, please use this link.

We appreciate your taking the time to help us build this healing network.

7 responses to “I’d Like to Know More …

  1. Great session today for the workshop at Saddleback. Really enjoyed the testimonials that were impromtu at the end. Thanks Hess.

  2. Thank you for making this ministry available. I look forward to connecting with other women in ministry, as well as spouses of pastors.

  3. Thank You! I as well enjoyed and appreciated what this session was all about I am a pastor’s wife and a leader in ministry and I have been praying for something like this. I am desperate to find a CPR group that I can feel safe and secure in. I am desperate to confront and overcome my struggles and habits and hang ups and I know my husband feels the same way regarding his issues. I look forward to hearing more and connecting with other female pastors and pastors’ wives in the Florida area.

  4. First, we’re all thrilled that this “scratched an itch.” We’ve long known there’s been a need for an intentional group like this, but we’re just now seeing the possibilities of growing a larger and larger network. Secondly, will you help us help you? Please, if you haven’t already, fill out the short survey with your contact information, and please pass this site on to a few friends or colleagues who need CPRPASTORS and urge them to fill out the short survey as well.

    Keep coming back,

    Cavett Binion

  5. I would like to know what materials are available for CPR. Are most groups using the normal Step studies or is there a more pastor specific curriculum available?

    • Jay, thanks for your questions. I’m meeting with Hess today. He can give you a better idea of what the typical CPR group looks like and has a much better grasp of national norms than I. We sincerely appreciate your interest, and would welcome a conversation via telephone. I’ll shoot you an email today and we can connect on this.

      Peace of Christ,

      Cavett Binion

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